We Speak So Many Languages In Our Team Specially: Farsi, Kurdi, Turkish, Azarbayjani, Romanian and Chinese.

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 Sehrabani Kurdi!

Even Sehrabani Kurdi ( who is one of the greatest Turkish and Kurdish singer of all time) prefers to buy, sell or invest from Hamid Peter Barzgar because Hamid is one of the most generous , honest, and decent profressional agent and he has been serving our community in our good times and bad times and he understands our culture and preferences deeply from his heart.

 And Here is Hamid (Peter) Barzgar during one of the Century21's award program nights!  As you can see, he is being accompanied with Canada's Century21 top management team members!  As you know for your information Hamid has been top producer Centurion, double Centurion, and Hall of Fame member for a very long period of time!  Hamid is very decent, caring, honest, and professional agent, Most of his time dedicated to serving his clients. (If you dont try, you don't see the difference) PATIENTS AND CARING IS OUR MAIN GOAL!

As you can see, Hamid (Peter) Barzgar has served our community for over a decade and through dedication, hard work, willpower and determination, he has been awarded mutliple times for his excellence in finding his clients their dream homes. His capability in speaking four languages including English, Farzi, Turkish Azeri, and some Greek, as well as creating great relationships with his clients excels him from the rest!!


Ibrahim Tatlises!

Hamid Peter Barzgar was not only the sponsor of Sehrabani Kurdi but was also the sponsor of one of Turkey's best singers Ibrahim Tatlises!  The night was very successful and amazing! One must well note that Hamid (Peter) Barzgar was one of the promoters to bring the Imparator to Toronto to entertain the Kurdish, Turkish and other communities!  We thank all for the delightfull event.


Hamid and his team!

This is Hamid's team of various professionals which allows you to have a more comfortable and fluent transaction for the purchase of a home.  From the left there is an assistant, mortgage broker, house inspector, Hamid, assistant, and lawyer.  As you can see, buying or selling with Hamid not only gets you an experienced real estate agent but it gives you access to many professionals at close hand! 

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